Our Bases

We have 3 Bases across the West Kimberley


Broome - Central Operations

Broome is our Headquarters and is the centre of our operations. We are located at gate 6 which is on the terminal side of the airport just out from airport arrivals. This is perfectly situated and we are the only helicopter operator to offer transfers straight from arrival. » learn more

Silent Grove

Silent Grove

Based on the Gibb river road and 2 hours drive north of Derby, silent Grove offers the best waterfall to swim and see in the Kimberley. It is set amongst the King Leopold Ranges. The best the Kimberley has to offer. » learn more

Willie Creek

Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Willie Creek is an operation we run on behalf of the Willie Creek Pearl farm and is the best way to see an operation Pearl farm and the beautiful Willie Creek inlet. We have been offering flights to and from the pearl farm for 9 years and have a good relationship with the operators. » learn more

Broome Helicopter Services

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