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Joe Calandra


Joe obtained his license 18 years ago after training with Ray Cronin, One of his two mentors he was taught low level and sling operations from an early stage. Kestrel gave him an excellent skill base. He began mustering on horseback and spent a year doing this without pay to get his first helicopter job. After mustering on horseback he learned to muster by helicopter. Gradually working up to camel stations which mixed tourism he learned the tourism side of helicopter and managed the Kings Creek station helicopter operation. From here he worked at Uluru conducting all sorts of charter operations and worked for the Helicopter Group in Melbourne owned by Michael van Der Zypp, his second mentor. His two mentors gave him the opportunities that enabled him to start Broome Helicopter Services 15 Years ago. His wish is to emulate their careers and offer others what they gave him.

He began as soul pilot and with one aircraft. He was the original rotary wing operator as there was no other at the time. This enabled him to develop a name for photographic work and film work having done numerous movies and TV productions. Now a specialist in this area his services are sought to be contracted in other states and countries. Broome helicopters now does contract work for publicly listed companies and Government departments. If you need anything done with a helicopter, Broome Helicopter Services can do it. With a fleet of 5 helicopters we are the largest helicopter operator in Broome and will always service your needs.

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